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Tips for selling a boat
There has been a lot of good advice written about buying and selling boats but after personally buying over 20 boats and being involved in the purchase and sale of many more through my website and other sources, there are some pointers that I would like to share about selling boats that I haven't seen in other articles. read more....

Tips for buying a boat
1. Buy it at a good price. This may sound obvious but with many people the purchase of a boat is a very personal thing, often the fulfillment of a dream. For this reason they become too attached to a boat and often pay too much. Boats are rarely a 'good investment' and for this reason you have to get a good price on your purchase or you will lose too much money when you inevitably sell it. ... read more....

Boat repair and maintenance
There are a few very important points that I felt were worth sharing regarding boat repair and maintenance. Most of these relate to the 2 years that I lived and cruised on my 40 foot sailboat, but they also apply to just about any type of boating you may do. read more....

Boat financing
I wanted to share some important tips that I have learned over the years about getting financing for your boat. Some of them may certainly be considered common sense, but we all need reminders occasionally to keep us from getting swayed by the excitement of getting a new boat. read more....

Boat Insurance
I have some advice regarding boat insurance that I have learned during my many years of boating that I wanted to make you were aware of. 1. Get quotes from several different companies. Boat insurance has gone up dramatically in the last 4 or 5 years as the result of a few years of severe hurricane activity so you need to shop around read more....

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